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What is raw ham and how is it made?

The raw ham of La Posada del Jamón is made from pigs raised, fed and selected with strict quality standards that ensure it. In Argentina these hams achieve the same quality and flavor characteristics as the most renowned Iberian hams. You will be able to recognize the following characteristics:

• Delicious taste

• Excellent texture and juiciness

• Unmistakable aroma

CONTRAMAZA - (thinnest part of the ham) It is the part that allows obtaining fetuses with less infiltrated fat and a more solid texture. We recommend placing the ham with the butt facing up and locate the bone (A), remove the skin and excess bacon between (A) and (B). And start with the cut. (see cut direction in the graph)

PUNTA - Zone of infiltrated fat and exquisite flavor. Finished the contramaza we will consume the so-called tip that is the area opposite the hoof. For this we turn the ham leaving the hoof down. This part offers a short-cut cut from which we will obtain small fetuses, it is the generally most precious part in tasting.

MAZA - (thick part of the ham) Due to its infiltrated fat properties and because it includes the most “tocinate” area of the ham, it makes the fetas obtained to be of the highest quality, and with a texture that is more palatable. Offering a large cutting surface and higher performance.

GARRÓN OR CODILLO - Fibrous and tendinous part, which in turn is tender and juicy. Reference area for its aroma. If its consumption, once the cut has started, will be fast, we can also start with the counter-hammer (thinnest part), or with the hammer (thickest part). If the consumption will be slower, it is recommended to start with the counter mace to avoid the progressive hardening of this part, as it contains less fat.



Ham should always be stored in a clean, dry and cool place at a stable temperature. If the ham is not consumed immediately after its purchase, spread it regularly with pork fat.

Once the tasting of the product has begun, the parts exposed to the air should be covered with the leftover bacon and with a not very dense cloth soaked in oil or water in its effect, to avoid drying the product, its contamination and contact with insects; keep the fabric damp, avoid sudden changes in temperature and do not leave in the sun.



Raw ham is an essentially natural product, with an intense and delicate flavor, soft on the palate and with a pleasant characteristic aroma, firm and not very salty. The latest dietary trends have elevated pork to the category of food of the first order and especially raw ham, whose properties make it a very beneficial food for health.

PROTEINS: Raw ham provides up to 30% protein, an almost record figure in the food table. Therefore it is of great help for the growth and replacement of tissues.

CHOLESTEROL: Contrary to popular belief, your cholesterol level is well below the maximum recommended by the World Health Organization.